About Foreign Policy and Security Research Center

Wed, 19/05/2010 - 20:46

The public assosiation FPS (Foreign Policy and Security) Research Center is a non-governmental organization. The main objectives of the Research Center are: to increase contacts, to development of cooperation, to support the activities, to assist the authorities.

- to increase contacts with civil society organizations, academic institutions, scientists from EU (Belgium, Luxenburg, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia...), Switzerland, USA, CIS (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia...), other countries in dealing with international relations, foreign policy and security, including through participation in international conferences, seminars, roundtables held in the country and abroad, in the activities of NATO contact embassy in the Republic of Belarus;

- to development of cooperation with foreign research institutions, development of joint projects with foreign foundations and organizations;

- to support the activities of Belarusian scientists and researchers, teachers and students in the field of foreign policy studies, international relations and European security;

- to assist the authorities and the Government of the Republic of Belarus in the development of contacts with European and international organizations, as well as in studying, evaluating and forecasting the impact of foreign factors.

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